School Hours, Bus Info & Homeroom Teacher Assignments

Tue, 09/14/2021 - 4:51pm

2022-23 School Start/End Times & Bus Schedules

West Friendship’s student hours are 9:15am-3:45pm. Students who are car riders may not be dropped off at school earlier than 9:05am. All students must be in their classrooms before the late bell rings at 9:15am.  If you arrive after the 9:15am bell, you will need to accompany your child into the building to sign them in at the Front Office so they can obtain a tardy slip before reporting to class.

The HCPSS Pupil Transportation Office is still working on bus route and bus stop information based on countywide enrollment.  Bus information, including your child’s assigned bus number, bus stop location, and morning pickup and afternoon drop off times will be available on August 23rd  via HCPSS website

At the beginning of the year, it is recommended that you arrive at the bus stop 10-15 minutes earlier than the posted time, to ensure that you do not miss the bus.  As bus drivers learn their new routes and acclimate to school-year traffic, it is common for buses to run a bit behind schedule at the beginning of the year.   

Homeroom Teacher Assignments

Parents who have updated their Family File emergency cards will be able to log in to HCPSS Connect on Wednesday, August 24 to view homeroom teacher assignments. Once you have saved the information for the 2022-2023 school year and provided your electronic signature, your Family File will be updated. Parents/guardians must verify and/or update information for each child, and can do so by logging in to HCPSS Connect via your PARENT ACCOUNT, select the MORE OPTIONS tab on the left and then on Family File.

Completing the Family File is the only way to access your child’s teacher assignment prior to Open House on August 26th. For confidentiality reasons, we are not able to share teacher assignments over the telephone.